Turn on and off the old menu in Windows 8 the PowerShell way

More and more people are talking about turning of the new menu in Windows 8.
The Start thing or the Metro.

Both in Windows 8 Server and the Windows 8 client.

My friend Mikael Nyström wrote how to do this with reg.exe for Windows 8 Server
on his blog.

I’m a PowerShell person and I like simple stuff so I created a PowerShell script that will put a Shortcut on the desktop after the first run of the script.


And when you click the Shortcut you are back to the new one again and
now you have a new shortcut.


I have notice that the deletion of the .lnk not shows up directly.
So you might have to hit F5 after the run of the script to see only one shortcut.

Pointing up The script are made to be in c:scripts and be named menuwin8.ps1 Pointing up

And you need to change the execution policy before you run the script!

Hit the downloads button for the script…


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